Take Home Teeth Whitening System

Will it work?

Whitening is effective for most teeth. Smoking, coffee, tea, cola and certain foods make teeth darker, but whitening can be successful for teeth that are naturally dark, too. It is most successful for teeth that have darkened over time. Teeth that have uneven coloration can be challenging to whiten.

Will it work for me?

Almost certainly you will be pleased with the result.  Every person is different, but almost everyone feels confident with their smile after whitening.  Whitening only works on natural tooth structure, it will not change the color of any restoration (crowns, veneers, fillings).


In our office we use the highest percentage of peroxide that has been approved by the FDA.  The most common side effect is minor gum or tooth sensitivity which happens in less than 10% of people.  To offset the sensitivity, we provide a fluoride gel to the few patients that need it.  Lasting side effects have not been found.


We take an impression of your teeth, create custom trays for your upper and lower teeth and send you home with the trays, instructions and bleaching gel.

Length of Treatment

Treatment time varies from patient to patient depending on the amount of change desired and the frequency and duration of whitening applications.  You can wear your tray while watching television, while you are sleeping or just about any other time.  Most of the whitening takes place within the first hour of application so patients typcially wear them for approximately an hour but longer applications are acceptable.  Typically 10- 14 days achieves the desired result.

Longevity of Result

The results can be expected to be stable for a few years.  Again this can vary depending on factors such as consumption of coffee, red wine, cola or tobacco use.  Keep your trays, and if you need a touch-up in the future, we can provide fresh solution for an additional fee. The touchup treatment time will take a fraction of the time of the original treatment.