Porcelain Dental Crowns


Why choose a crown for your Dental Restoration?

Crowns are an esthetically pleasing choice for your dental restorations. A crown covers an entire tooth and restores it to its ideal shape and size.  A crown is a good way to cover teeth that are discolored, badly shaped, or out of position.  They are used to repair teeth that are cracked or damaged, can be used to replace old fillings and are also used to restore dental implants. 

A crown may be made of gold by an outside lab or our office can produce a porcelain crown in a one-visit appointment with the CEREC machine. Either way, it is made to fit your tooth precisely. 


Some Benefits of Crowns:


Dental crowns, which can be made from composite resin or porcelain fused to metal, can improve the look of broken, cracked, misshapen, or severely discolored teeth. Attached to an implant of dental bridge, a dental crown can also replace a missing tooth, restoring the look of your smile.



Porcelain and composite resin crowns resemble the look of natural teeth because they mimic the luster and translucency of natural teeth. Therefore, with dental crowns, patients can restore their damaged or missing teeth and give the illusion of always having a healthy, bright smile.


Stain Resistant

Dental crowns made from porcelain are stain resistant, making porcelain a superior choice for dental prosthetics.



Dental crowns should last between five to fifteen years, depending on how you take care of them. In other words, do not put excessive pressure on your teeth with grinding or clenching, and you should expect to have your crowns for a long while.



Due to their natural tooth-like features, crowns restore full function of your missing or damaged tooth. Crowns restore your ability to speak and chew.