CEREC & Your Smile

One Visit Tooth Restoration

You Don’t Have To Wait For A  Beautiful Smile!!

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth that can be completed in a single visit to our office. The restoration is metal-free and the high-grade ceramic material is compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth.  The process uses a special 3D imaging camera to take a photo of your tooth then mills a restoration with diamond burs out of ceramic which is then bonded to your tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry.  Cerec delivers the results you need in a single appointment, whether you need a full crown, a simple filling or veneers.

Why Choose CEREC?

  • Single Visit Convenience
  • Beautiful Esthetics
  • Restores teeth to their natural strength and appearance
  • No uncomfortable temporaries or goopy impressions
  • Natural look and feel
  • Clinically proven with millions of successful restorations world-wide
  • Nearly 30 years of research and development