Teen Dental Care

Teens often struggle with their dental care due to hectic schedules, irregular eating hours and the possibility of increased consumption of coffee, energy and sports drinks, and other sugary beverages. Be aware of these drinks due to the effects they can have on your teen’s teeth. They typically have a very high sugar content. 


The teen years are the period in which braces are most often worn which poses new challenges in keeping their teeth clean.  Make sure your teen takes the time to brush and floss. They will thank you for it later.


A fiberotomy is a procedure performed on teeth after braces are removed.  The teeth may have been twisted or rotated during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Schiefelbein performs fiberotomies based on recommendations from the patient’s orthodontist.  Fibers in the gum tissue connecting to the teeth have an elastic memory which can cause the teeth to move back to their original (pre-orthodontic) position. With a local anesthetic, these fibers are severed to eliminate this memory pull-back. There is almost no post-procedure recovery time for this procedure.